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HUG ON Bull Roast & Lax Tribute! - June 08, 2019

Tournament Details

Tournament Location - Notre Dame Preparatory School
                                        815 Hampton Lane
                                        Baltimore, MD 21286

About the Adult-Only Tournament
The Hug On Lacrosse Tournament offers teams an opportunity to wrap up their summer season with a fun two game tournament. Designed to offer an optimal balance of lacrosse, competition and fundraising activities, 100% of the proceeds from this tournament are directed to the Nolan Robison Foundation. Established in August of 2015, after the tragic loss of Nolan Robison on his 21st birthday, the Foundation is dedicated toward the provision of mental health services for the youth of our community. 

Register your adult (aged 18+) team of up to 12 players to participate in the fast moving 7-on-7 games. Play commences at 9 am with all games completed by 1 pm. Breaks between the games allow players to enjoy a variety of fun and competitive summer activities. Full concession service will be available. The Hug On tournament is being hosted on the idyllic wooded campus of Notre Dame Preparatory School in Towson, MD just minutes from the Baltimore beltway.

Brackets - Men's and Women's Divisions

     - Team Registration - $500 per team; payable at registration by the coach

     - Registration includes reversible jersey and goodie bag

     - Space is limited - first paid, first committed

     - Online registration for players eliminates collection of waiver forms and improves communications 

  • To Register: If you have not logged in, at the top right of this page, Click REGISTER on the Hug-onLax site. You will be creating an account for yourself. From there you may register yourself as a player or register your team.

    If you have logged in, Click the My Account key at the top of this page. From there, select the blue Register Now! button located in the top right corner of the page. A window pops that asks you to describe yourself as: parent or guardian registering a participant, coach or other team personnel, or registering yourself in an activity. You may view and register yourself as an adult free agent or your team in an open bracket. 

    Volunteering as the Head Coach allows you to sign-up and make payment for your team.  Scroll to the bottom of this information for visual step-by-step team registration instructions (two pdfs).


Tournament Flyer

Tournament Rules

  • 40 minute games – 2 – 20 minute halves using run-time
  • 5 minute half-time
  • 5 minutes for field egress/access
  • Water breaks due to heat index requirements will be incorporated into the 20 minute runtime period

Rules: Except as addressed by these guidelines, rules of play – especially safety related rules – are unchanged from those that apply to the participating age group in regular 10 v 10 play under US Lacrosse Youth, NFHS, NCAA, or Post-Collegiate Club Rules. US Lacrosse prepared these suggested guidelines to assist programs wanting to play with reduced squads on smaller fields.

Number and designation of players (7v7):

· 7 players shall constitute a full team. They shall be designated as follows: 1 goalkeeper, 2 defense, 2 midfield, 2 attack. 3

· Coaches may agree to play with fewer or more than 7v7, provided that the number of players on the field for each team is the same at all times, except during time serving penalties.


· Play shall be started at the beginning of each period by facing the ball at the Center, except as provided by the relevant rules for each age group.

· Positioning of Players Before a Faceoff (7v7): When a team has all its players on the field it will have one player at the center of the field and one player in one of the wing areas (or when an actual wing area line cannot be marked, an imaginary wing area within 5 yards of the sideline and 5 yards either side of the center line). In addition, a team shall confine its goalkeeper and two other players behind the defensive-area line (or an imaginary defensive-area line 15 yards from the center line when an actual line cannot be marked) and two players behind the actual or imaginary defensive-area line in their offensive half of the field. These players will remain behind these actual or imaginary defensive-area lines until possession is gained or the ball crosses the actual or imaginary defensive-area line.

Quick Restart Option: All divisions will use the “quick restart” following goals, in which the goalie plays the ball out of goal immediately after a goal, on the whistle restarting play, initiating a clear attempt.


In a 7v7 contest, a team is considered offside when it has:

a) More than four players in its offensive half of the field (between the center line and the end line), including players in the penalty box.

b) More than five players in its defensive half of the field (between the center line and end line), including players in the penalty box.

Advancing the Ball and Get It In/Keep It In:

· The defensive 20-second count will not be used.

· The offensive 10-second count will not be used.

· The Get It In/Keep It In rule will not be used.

Note: If Advancing the Ball and Get It In/Keep It In counts are to be used at older age levels, the center line will serve as the defensive-area lines for purposes of these rules.


Team Registration Instructions